About Me

Two of my favorite things to do are Travel and Wine Tasting. What could be better than doing them at the same time?

It brings me great joy to bring the magic of travel and adventure to others. Friends and family have continuously reached out to me asking for my help and advice when they book their trips.

And so one day I woke up and said, I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing what I love.

Let me help you book the trip of a lifetime!

Wine Lovers Travel Club

Diana Hice

Why AmaWaterways and River Cruising?

I have been to 29 countries outside of the USA. Four of those trips were on AmaWaterways. Those trips are by far the most relaxing and enjoyable time abroad that I have ever had. 

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Danube River Bicycle Cruise

Why did I love them so much?

  • AmaWaterways cruises include all meals, beer and wine with lunch and dinner, and a variety of guided excursions every day
  • A variety of excursions are included at various levels for gentle, regular and active guests
  • The ships are spacious but small with an average of 156 passengers
  • The cruising is beautiful but there are no “at sea” days and no waves
  • The Award-winning dining is remarkable with regional cuisine (and American cuisine)
  • It easy for everyone in your party to make different excursion choices and still feel safe
  • You unpack once
  • AmaWaterways offers wine-themed cruises with special Vineyard visits and Wine Tastings

Discover a wealth of art, history and cultural treasures as you cruise to some of Europe’s most famous destinations.